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My Tip Jar Kernal so far… will continue streaming later

Crown, Beads, Rose Collar, Sleeves, Skirt, Fairy wings, Wisps, Windblown hair, Lantern, Harvest Scythe, Scythe, heart Staff, Hair 2,Eyes 2, mouth 1,  Hair Accessory, Steampunk Staff, Hair Accessory 2, Hair 1, eyes 1, mouth 2, Druid Staff, Hair 3, Hair Extension 1, Hair extension 2, Headdress      Up to 26 edits if I counted right with…. I think 4 more to go. We’re also onto our second PSD, cause otherwise Sai might break  ^^;


oh man the rpg event is the cutest thing :,) i don’t really get folks saying the story quest is hard, though! just pretend to be lawful good for a lil’ bit.

it’s been a while since i really enjoyed an aywas event, but this totally qualifies. i wish the site had more of these sorts of features as a default, pet classes would be the best, and it gives the site a sense of story it otherwise misses.

I pretended to be Lawfully good and still only got 2/3 lmao, there is a reason I never play that Morality xD; I suck at it lmao


I found the artist of my teo and contacted them fairly early on (I got the teo on the first day or two of the dropbox being released) but they have not responded even though they are online and posting. It has been over two weeks now, maybe three weeks. What else can I do to get the psd? Will it be on the psd drive?

Have you tried bumping the message?

According to my knowledge if you find your artist they are mandated to give you the PSD, so if they don’t respond I would try contacting a mod

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