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Update on Ron
Hes dying. Or it seems that way. Hes moving around less after he seemed to get slightly better, and hes getting cold. Hes wheezing in efforts to breath.
The money from the gofundme says its going to take 2-5 business days, so if it isnt here by 8:30 or so tomorrow morning , it…

Contact the vet and explain you have the money it is just being transfered right now, and that it is an emergency. Most vets will work with you, especially if its an emergency

Click here to support Get Ron to a Vet!


Recently, I came into a bit of an issue.
My dad agreed to watch my friends kitten /which was feral, we where not aware of this before it was to late and he was already sick/ while I went off on a trip with her.
Said feral kitten attacked my cat, and now he’s really sick. I don’t know if its from the cuts being infected or some other source material, all I know is he really needs a vet.
His temperature is rising, the leg that he got his main cut on is swelling, hes lethargic, and he cries and hisses everytime hes moved.
The vet care itself is not the issue I need money for.
We don’t have a car or any means of transportation for the hour drive to the vet and back. 4 drives in total, so I’d need to take a cab.
My dad isn’t willing to pay for it, as it isn’t his cat. This cat is my entire world. He’s my therapy animal, my best, closest friend, and just overall a loyal companion. He makes everyone in this household smile, and we’d all be devastated to lose him. He’s been getting worst and worst, so I’m assuming his immune system isn’t able to fight off whatever it is he has.
If we get him to a vet, not only will he be able to get checked out and treated, he’d also be able to get his shots and neutered, as the vet is willing to do all of this free of charge because my dad does computer work for her vet clinic.
Please check out this link or spread the word. Every cent would count. I currently am raising money myself for it, but it’s failing as I’m an unemployed teen with, as I’ve said, no transportation to go to a job even if I had one.
[I tagged this with everything I could think of to help, sorry if I offend/annoy anyone with this.:(]
If you want to donate directly, my paypal is


I know people say “don’t self-diagnose” for a reason… but when you’re used to all matter of abdominal pain and this one is not only new but completely unbearable you do it.

Internet says appendicitis. I say “We’ll go do that shopping and if I’m not better by then we’ll check in at the hospital.”

Mostly I’m worried because this level of pain, inability to eat or drink because it just makes me more nauseous? That’s something to worry about especially in this heat.

When Chimpy had it he vomited several times and was running a fever. 

If you think you have appendicitis, don’t wait too long. Idk how long you’ve had the symptoms but if your appendix burst and you wait too long it will kill you :< please be safe ;O;


Hey there aytag!

I got this teo in one of the giveaway threads, and I’ve decided he’s not quite my cup of tea, so I’ll be giving him away(FOR FREE)right here on tumblr.

One reblog and one like per person(you can reblog more if you want, but only one will be counted).
This will end on the 1st, at the latest. I’ll be going on a little road trip sometime soon, and whenever I get back, I’ll be seeing about picking a winner here.

My entry for the Teo contest, based on Teo #1

My friend gave me the idea to make her a fire dancer because of the yellow shine on the original pet, it just seemed so perfect. I have been working on this on and off for the past 2 weeks, first time I have ever done a painting style picture on the comp ;;

I’m really proud of it


Bioluminescent Chameleon (i may have gottens a bit carried away but this one is my favorite ;;) - artists choice prompt, colors provided

Black/Green/Purple Dragon - Cute Elegance - Inked Koi Lunaris

And as a PSA, I am taking a week off of PLBC cause I am incredibly sick. Tomorrow I am going to go to urgent care and try to get some meds cause my darling Dr is on vacation (he ALWAYS is when I call to make an appointmentx.x)

We think I either have bronchitis or walking pneumonia, but either way it’s kicking my ass. So also due to this if anyone isn’t happy with their babies please message me and I’ll be happy to adjust it to whatever you want. I tried really hard for these ones but it is hard for me to think straight right now. 


Are PLBC/PMBC artists allowed to screw with the shading and highlight layers of the PSD you sent in?  And if they do, does it count as a mistake?  I’m unhappy at how this baby looks, but if it’s not even a mistake I’m pretty much just SOL, and I paid too much for the coin for this.

I have messed with shading before if it is set to something that my programs can’t handle, but I typically try to set it back.

Other than that I typically will fill in missing shading like the others mentioned. You could try contacting Slash or if you know the artist contact them and ask why they did it.


Anonymous asked:

The teo feedback thread is pissing me off. All the suggestions are so vague, and they literally told one person to copy old cartoons. Like wtf? That doesn't even make sense. There was another that looked perfect, and now the person is going in circles trying to fix it, when there's nothing to fix. IT WOULD LOOK FINE IF THEY COULD COLOR IT ALREADY. And that random bullshit "oh send me a message and i'll help", no. Just say it. All the advice is either too blunt or too vague and all fucking crap.


Thank you for your submission.ywas

;; I’ve been trying to give good feedback… I’m sorry if my feedback is too vague..  

if it is you can tell me, I know one time it was so I sketched out what I meant and the person seemed to understand ;;

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